There are several significant factors in favor of the proposed bridge: 
  1. Bicycle and pedestrian use of the I-5 Boone Bridge in Wilsonville is legal but is extremely dangerous.  The nearest alternative is the Canby Ferry which is clearly too distant for community use.  The proposed bridge will provide a convenient and safe way for residents and commuters to cross the river by bike or on foot. 
  2. If the bridge is built to allow emergency vehicle use, residents of Charbonneau and other areas south of the Willamette will not be cut off from emergency services when the Boone Bridge is blocked by a serious accident or gridlocked.   The bridge will give ODOT and other responsible authorities the ability to clean-up faster; and police, fire, and other emergency vehicles will have better access to incidents. 
  3. Residents of Charbonneau wanting to access parks and businesses in the rest of Wilsonville on foot or by bike are now unable to safely do so.  The bridge will allow them to leave their cars at home and enjoy the health benefits of biking or walking into town.  This is an equity issue for those residents who cannot currently access the remainder of Wilsonville’s bike and pedestrian infrastructure without driving. 
  4. Many bicyclists now start their recreational rides on Miley Road where there are no services.  The bridge will make it convenient for riders to start and finish riding from downtown.  This has the potential to bring a significant amount of business into Wilsonville. 
  5. The bridge will make Wilsonville the most convenient link in the regional trail network connecting the Metro region to the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway bringing additional tourism revenue to the city.   It would provide the missing link to restore a seamless, non-highway connection between Portland and Euguene. The bridge will additionally link the metro regional Tonquin Trail with the Champoeg Trail as well as the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway.