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City of Wilsonville TSP Update Open House

posted Dec 3, 2012, 1:31 PM by Simon Springall
Wilsonville is now holding a 'virtual open house' providing info about a number of planned or potential transportation and connectivity projects in Wilsonville.  This online open house is only available until December 14.

The list of recommended projects includes the (already funded) feasibility study for the French Prairie Bridge, but currently excludes the actual construction of the bridge.   What this means in practice is not clear.

Please take a look at the extensive materials provided and leave your feedback for the city, the planning commission and the city council who will take this up.

The City of Wilsonville is nearing the last phase of updating our Transportation System Plan (TSP). We are looking for your feedback on the plan for transportation investments to support Wilsonville’s growth and livability. Which projects or improvements do you think are a priority? Are there any projects that should be added or removed from the Plan